In a quick TAT of within 12 hours, the proficiently transcribed edition of the dictation text will be delivered to the clients.

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You can now access your reports online through e-report access, store your records online or receive a protected e mailing interface. We provide this highly secure and best of class online feature at an affordable subscription rate.


We offer a smart, comprehensive and advanced transcription support. We can work with any emr/ehr system. Our services are highly secure, scalable and comprehensive.



We are thoroughly hipaa compliant. We provide and ensure informational, physical and administrative security of your data that is ahead of industry bests! We keep ourselves abreast and adhere to all the evolving guidelines of hipaa


Stop searching for someone who can work with your emr! We offer transcription support that can effortlessly interface with any emr/ehr or pm system you use.


Transcription support for your EMR/EHR

Our technical team can set up a secure vpn connection with your medical facility after signing a BAA (business associates agreement). We can transcribe your dictations and post them directly into your emr/ehr. Our data transactions are hl7 compliant.

You could also provide direct access to your emr and set an edit level that is convenient to you. This is the preferred method of most of our clients as it helps them save on time and technical issues. We can also fax your reports to you if the feature is available in your emr/her.


Turnkey transcription services:

Online access to reports, secure data storage, e fax and e mailing interfaces are available as a part of our medical transcription package. These features are available at a very low subscription cost.

Work with any EMR/EHR application software
Hipaa compliant online transcription platform
Secure vpn connectivity
Specialty specific transcription services
24x7 workflow advantage
40% reduction of operational costs
Completely hipaa and hl7 compliant