iSource provides reliable medical transcription and EMR Dictation integration services to users of eMDs EMR application.

iSource provides specialized and across the board medical transcribing and EMR Dictation integration services to users of the eMDs EMR application. We provide absolutely free EMR integration services to subscribers of eMD’s application as a value added feature. We have extensive experience of working in tandem with eMD’s subscribers to provide reliable and customizable services to their transcribing and integrating needs. eMds transcrription support

Our EMR dictation integration package.

iSource provides up and down, thoroughly professional EMR integration services. We provide transcription and EMR Dictation integration support to cloud based, open source or software installation based electronic medical record applications. We have several years of experience and an enviable track record of providing medical transcription and EMR integration services. We provide end to end EMR integration support, so our clients can concentrate on their core domain, and their contribution towards computerizing their organization is reduced to just implementing the EMR application most suited to the requirements of their facility. Our services are highly scalable and we provide transcribing and integrating support to large scale multi specialty hospitals as well as individual practices.

 Ten key reasons why you should partner with iSource

Conectivity with any EMR/EHR application software
Transcription support to many healthcare facilities
24x7 document workflow advantage
  1. We provide completely reliable, secure and end to end transcribing and integration services.
  2. Our state of the art EMR Dictation integration services are absolutely free.
  3. We have extensive experience in integrating our medical transcription platform to the eMDs application account of our clients.
  4. We access the eMDs account of our client through Gotomy pc which has gained widespread acceptance in the medical fraternity due to its advanced security features such as AES encryption, limited number of login attempts and double password security.
  5. We comply with HIPAA and HL7 standards.
  6. The medical data is web encrypted.
  7. We have a systematic and up to date audit trail so our clients can keep a tab on whose been accessing their application account.
  8. iSource works round the clock and we have a team of responsive customer care executives to assist and guide you 24/7.
  9. We provide electronic signature facility to our clients so they can e-sign our text transcripts.
  10. All employees of iSource have to sign a mandatory non disclosure and confidentiality agreement prior to joining our organization.

24/7 work flow advantage

iSource never rests so our customers can relax. We work round the clock and ensure timely, customized and reliable services to our clients. Our technical and transcription team are available 24/7 to cater to the requirements and demands of our clients. Call us at 1- 888-571-9069 to know more about our services

Affordable pricing policy.

iSource offers one of the lowest cost per line pricing package in the medical transcription industry. We charge just 9.5 cents per line, the most reasonable price in the transcribing field.  You can save up to 40% of your operational expenditure by outsourcing your work to us. iSource adheres to the pricing guidelines of A.H.D.I (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity).   We believe in providing the highest quality work at the lowest possible cost.


Professional and reliable EMR integration services absolutely at free of cost.


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