EMR integration services

Ten reasons why you should consider our EMR integrated Medical Transcription services 

  1.  We provide, apart from top notch medical transcribing services, professional and reliable EMR integration services absolutely free.
  2. Our technical team can provide integration services with any EMR application, software installation based or web based.
  3. We take utmost effort and care to secure and safeguard our username and password.
  4. We provide limited and strictly authorized access to our client’s EMR application accounts.
  5. We establish a secure VPN connection with 3DES encryption (Triple Data Encryption Standard), SHA-1 hashing (secure hash algorithm) and SSL authentication.
  6. We understand the need for legally compliant medical text transcripts to avoid lawsuits and litigations and hence provide medical documents that are legal and error free.
  7. We adhere and stringently observe HL7 regulations and standards for the transfer and exchange of health care data and are HIPAA compliant.
  8. We provide flexible, customized and client specific EMR integration services completely in accordance to our clients needs.
  9. All employees of iSource have to sign, compulsory confidentiality and non disclosure agreements prior to joining our team.
  10. Every EMR application has different and individualistic features and specifications. Our technical team can adapt to and provide seamless integration with any, method or process for integration of our medical transcription platform with the specific EMR application.

The process

As every EMR application has varied and distinct features we follow a flexible and personalized EMR integration process.  

Thus the iSource team strives to provide a holistic solution to the transcribing and integration needs of our clients and make it easier for them every step along the way.

Listed below are very few EMR/EHR applications we support physicians for transcription services

Practice fusion emr integration support Ecast EMR transcription support]
eMDs transription company
Allscripts EHR transcription
Medent Transcription support
Conectivity with any EMR/EHR application software
Transcription support to many healthcare facilities
24x7 document workflow advantage

The 10 major distinctive features of our EMR/EHR integration services

Ten reasons why you should consider our EMR integrated Medical Transcription services 


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