What is the difference between working smart and working hard?

You are working hard if you dictate perfectly into your recording device. Send it to a transcriber and, wait for days on end to receive a transcript. Proofread it to eliminate the ever present errors. And copy the content of the transcript and paste it, patiently, in the relevant fields of your PrognoCIS ehr.

You are working smart if you work with iSource!

Prognocis users can dictate at a million words a minute, and still receive a perfect transcript, they don’t need to proofread. Not a single minute is wasted doing data entry jobs. To put it in a nutshell, while you take of your patients, we take care of every little thing. To help you save on time. We’ve worked closely with over 200 PrognoCIS users and know what you need, without you having to spell it out.

We are completely at ease with the features of your emr. It is the familiarity that comes with working with a system, every working day!

Perfect soap notes and progress notes…

The Prognocis emr automatically generates soap notes. Our experienced transcribers can work with the soap notes format like a breeze. We can work with any template or note format you prefer and also offer pre designed templates that can simplify your clinical documentation process.
Prognocis EMR Transcription

In, a fix?

You need a transcript within hours. You are on a tight budget and paying four times the money you usually spend on transcribing, is out of the question. Trust us to bail you out. We have a 24x7 transcription helpline, to handle emergency requests. We can rush a transcript to you inside of just two hours!

Hate working with your faulty, unwieldy dictation device? Sign up for our medical transcription services and get a spanking new Olympus DS 5000 digital voice recorder, absolutely free of cost!

Pragnocis EMR

“Effective painkiller”

I hated chasing after transcribers to get my work done. I haven’t shopped around for transcription services ever since I started working iSource. A smart team who’ve been the best painkiller I could’ve ever asked for, for my transcribing pains!”- Linda Meyer, Orthopedician.

Prognocis users call 1 888 571 9069 to get rid of error ridden transcripts and sky high bills!



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