Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

isource, being a pioneer in the medical transcription industry for over a decade understands the need for security and privacy of medical data. We observe and adhere to high standards of data security. We are a HIPAA compliant transcribing company and take a concerted effort to stay attuned to the latest changes and developments in the HIPAA regulations.
Hipaa compliance transcription

10 of the major HIPAA guidelines iSource adheres to.

  1. iSource provides limited and strictly authorized access to usernames and passwords.

  2. We provide an encrypted password and a personal identification number to restrict unauthorized access.

  3. We ensure complete security of medical records during data transmission and have trained professionals to manage this task.

  4. We have regular technical evaluations to safeguard data and to update security measures in our computers.

  5. The data transfer is through a 128 bit SSL certified platform.

  6. We follow a secure cryptographic method of data transfer through VPN ( Virtual private network)

  7. All iSource employees have to sign a mandatory non disclosure agreement prior to joining the iSource team.

  8. We give periodic training to our employees on the features and regulations of HIPAA.

  9. We provide user, role and context based authenticated access.

  10. Recordable devices are strictly prohibited inside the premises.

A brief overview

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was brought into force in the year 1996 to ensure there is a defined set of regulations and a common protocol to be adhered to during the transmittance of health care data. HIPAA sets national guidelines for electronic health care transactions, thereby curbing to a large extent fraudulent medical care practice and aims at promoting secure and authorized transmittance of data. iSource is a HIPAA compliant medical transcription service organization and we follow and observe the guidelines laid down by HIPAA religiously.

Our Standards

iSource as the leading medical transcription provider has raised the bar for the rest of the industry. We follow and adhere to certain guidelines and high standards.

How do we differ from the rest?

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