STAT Reports

The Emergency department of healthcare facilities can delegate the task of documenting, the Emergency room STAT Reports to us.

We at iSource transcriptions, very well know under how much strenuous pressure an emergency department of a hospital normally works. We are also aware if the arduous responsibility of documentation work flow gets appended, the resultant situation is an absolute pandemonium. To avert this critical situation, we provide web based transcription solution for documenting Emergency Room STAT reports     

We provide Documentation service via multi - modal platforms  

We provide web based medical transcription solutions, by means of various platforms. The emergency departments (EDs) of health care can now utilize our toll free dictation procedure, which can be devised by simply calling our customer care. The clinicians all they need to do is, after dialing the toll free number, have to enter their specific assigned code and render their dictations into our safe system, thereby facilitating us to transcribe the STAT Reports.

To streamline the smooth flow of clinical documentation, we also setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN) by integrating our innovative transcription module RAMS (Report Management and Archival System) with a clinic’s emr. The VPN connectivity facilitates our remote transcribers, to log into the emr, access the physician's voice files, document and place it for the clinician's review.    

iSource transcription also provide LAN connectivity with a Clinic’s emr. The setup is akin to the VPN setup.

Emergency STAT reports delivered at lightning speed

Our perpetual documentation work flow makes certain, that the EDs receives the STAT report on the dot, in turnaround time options of 2/4/6/8 hrs. These rush TAT options are not feasible, if one uses the service of in-house. They make the physicians to wait for long hours, impatiently making them to chew their nails. These mediocre services will finally deliver the reports, after a prolonged wait of 36 hours, thereby making the clinic to face serious repercussions.   

Our dirt cheap pricing saves your wallet to a great extent

Physicians using the service of in-house were encumbered with miscellaneous expenses such as $14 to $15 as hourly wages, hardware and software procurement and other sundry expenses. All this amounted to an expensive amount of $35 to $38 to document a singleline of 65 characters. This pricey sum made the clinicians’’ heart to skip a beat. They later heaved a sigh of relief, after soliciting the service of iSource transcription. They were charged only a minimal amount of just 10 ¢ to document the same 65 character single line.  

Stringent HIPAA adherence is our utmost priority

Strict adherence to the HIPAA regulations is our first and foremost duty. All our web systems are duly protected with the latest antivirus and firewalls.The patient clinical information is transported as HL7 messages through our secure FTP and 256 bit AES encrypted protocols. 

Documentation of STAT reports for the Triage system

The Emergency departments of clinic that adopt the Triage system, can solicit our services for transcribing of STAT reports such as
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