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Have you ever dreamt of low cost, reasonable and consistent medical transcription charges? Well the good news is that you can stop dreaming now. iSource offers you low cost per line and unbelievably cheap online transcribing rates in the industry. The pricing model of our company is very transparent, uncomplicated and there are absolutely no hidden costs. You cansave up to 50% of your operational expenditure by outsourcing your documentation work to us! And it's not an empty promise but a verified fact.
Medical transcription low cost

we don't charge for our EMR integration services

In the medical transcription field as in every other service industry the most decisive and defining factor is the price, and that is precisely the reason why Isource endeavors to provide the most competitive and affordable pricing structure. We charge only per line and report basis. Our low cost is an unheard of rate in the transcribing field and, unlike most of our competitors we don't charge for our EMR integration services or for the usage of our in house software.

Our clients calculate the cost of their transcription by themselves:

To further simplify and streamline our pricing process we follow a method of price calculation that allows our clients to calculate the cost of transcription by themselves thus providing them with a clear idea of the billing amount, before outsourcing the work to us. We adhere to the pricing guidelines of AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity), thus ensuring clarity, verifiability and integrity during the pricing process.

Free trial offer:

If you have not experienced the professional and innovative transcribing services of Isource here is a chance for you to, absolutely free of cost! We welcome you warmly to the Isource family with a free trial offer, to sample our services. You can send us a dictation of the file you want to transcribe after registering with us. We will revert to you in 24hours time with your transcript. Kindly attach a sample file of yours with your patient demographics to help us understand your needs and serve you better. Our free trial offer is aimed at proving our mettle to you and also to help convincing you to become a part of our team.

How do we differ from the rest?

Isource provides you with the best transcribing and documenting services,  and unlike our  competitors   we don’t believe in speaking about our work,  our work speaks for  itself.  As with most companies affordable does not mean compromise at Isource. We deliver the best possible Medical transcription service with no hidden costs or fine print. So if you are looking for an economical, professional and high quality service look no further.

Conectivity with any EMR/EHR application software
Transcription support to many healthcare facilities
24x7 document workflow advantage

Why iSourcetranscription?

Here are a few reasons to be associated with iSource if you are not with us already!

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We offer free trial to easily calculate how our new customers can get good qualith in low cost.....
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Spend your most valuable time to read what our customers are saying about our EMR support services.
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Spend your most valuable time to read what our customers are saying about our EMR support services.
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