Cardiology Transcription Services

We provide a HIPAA compliant, high accurate cost efficient Cardiology Transcription Service

iSource, the reliable Man Friday to Cardiologists.

For more than a decade, iSource transcription, has been an undisputed leader in the cardiovascular transcription service and has the distinguished credit of providing precise cardiology report transcription service that is HIPAA compliant.

Our mission

To deliver top notch cardiology transcription services at very competitive price at nearly 40% lower than the US local rates. Since we offer service on a shoestring budget, it does not mean that we will negotiate on quality. Our Smart Transcriptionists are fully armed to the teeth well trained in cardiology terminologies according to the AHDI guidelines. They are committed to transliterate any kind of intricate cardiology diagnostic reports that includes echocardiograms, electrophysiology, cardiac catheterizations, treadmill tests and 24 hours holter monitor. We come out with an error accurate report in a 12 hours TAT.

With an eagle's eye precision our transcription services procedure undergoes a three phase procedure. The transcribed work done by ours MTs will be edited our editors. And then the edited work will be sent to our team of well experienced Quality analysts. So we see to that no stone is left unturned. 

Turnkey Cardiological transcription service solutions under one Umbrella

Now the good news for all cardiology EMR users, our Cardiological transcription module can immaculately integrate with all Cardiolgical EMR/EHRs on earth to transcribe and document the dictations. To cite a few of the Cardiological EMRs that are integrated are the Medcom EMR software, Prognocis EMR, Medicsdoc Assistant EHR , Revenue XL’s Cardiology EMR software, Unit chart’s EMR, MediNotes EMR charting software. 

iSource with its state of art facility provides Cardiological EMR integration services in 2 ways by web and VPN based integration. Both the process are guaranteed for the safety and security of patient data transportation and fulfills the HL7 standards whilst exchange of messages. The cardiology transcription service of iSource encrypts all document messages with highly sensitive patient information while passing through the Virtual Private Network. While Integrating the EMR access is provided by the cardio clinics with a specific login and password for our medical transcriptionists so that they can open the EMR and documents the template files. You can see the different templates for which we do documentation under each cardiology EMR by simply clicking on the EMR which will navigate you to the particular cardiology EMR page.

Just to name a few, some of the Cardiology EMR templates that for which we do documentation are

Easy accessibility of our toll free Telephonic dictation

For facilitation of our customers we had provided a 24 hours toll free number. The cardiologists can simply dial our 1- 888-571-9069 toll free phone in dictation to dictate the patient encounters. This unique facility’s highlight is the cardiologist can either use a simple analog phone or hand held digital recorder or Voice over IP (VoIP).

For More details call our Toll free number 1- 888 - 571- 9069



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