Endocrinology Transcription Services

iSource transcription, the “number Uno” service provider, in the medical transcription sector, is fully committed in providing personalized endocrine medical transcription services. If quality and accuracy is what you are looking for, then isource transcription is your best bet.

Endocrinology Transcription with better accuracy and quick TAT

Since endocrinology covers several diseases and its conditions, encompassing pediatric endocrinology, reproductive endocrinology, neuro endocrinology, hormone and endocrine disease, a number of medical clinics rely on quick processing of reports. Accuracy and quick turnaround time is a foremost criterion for an efficient, medical transcription company. We at iSource transcriptions, keep these two things on top of our transcription agenda. Our turnaround time is within 12 hour. Our proficient transcribers are knowledgeable in all the jargons, terminologies related to endocrinology specialty.

Affable Dictation procedures sans, any fissile or hassles

Instantaneous connection to iSource’s Digital Dictation System via toll free number.

The endocrinologists with our toll free number, 1-888-571-9069; can easily get instantly connected to our digital dictation module. The physicians can opt for any phone of their choice, to give their dictations. They are also granted the privilege of rendering their patient encounters, from the latest smart phones like Apple’s iphones, RIM’s blackberry, etc. The voice files will then be sent to our web based system, where our transcribers convert, the dictations into text.

Dictations can also be sent by means of a portable, handheld voice recorder like Olympus, Sony, and Philips etc. With a USB cradle, the dictated audio files are downloaded from the recorder into the pc. The voice files are uploaded to our online transcription module, via a protected internet connection. Our certified transcribers capture those dictations; convert them from voice into text.

Our online transcription module, RAMS can interface with any type of EMR

iSource transcription can seamlessly interface with all type of emr applications. Our technical experts will work in unison with a clinic’s technical wing, to integrate our online web-based transcription module, RAMS (Report Archival and Management System) with the clinic’s emr application. By this integration, a customized interface (VPN connectivity) will be established. Our transcriber will log into the emr by means of a secure user account, devised by the clinic’s technical team, will access the dictations, document it and place it for the physician’s review.

Our transcribers professionally document the following endocrinology reports

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Conectivity with any EMR/EHR application software
Transcription support to many healthcare facilities
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