Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

How am I to upload or send my voice files?

Through our user-friendly toll free call in diction procedure, you can send your oral notes or upload your dictations. Our toll free number remains active round the clock. Furthermore, we provide handheld, portable Dictaphones which can be used to upload your narrations on patient encounters, which will be send straight away to our safe FTP web servers.     

Is there any specific or fixed time for making dictations?

As already mentioned in the previous answer, out toll free dictation system operates non-stop, on all day and nights. At your own convenience, you can render your dictations at any time, from any place of your choice. 

In your opinion, which is the best handheld recorder in the market and how much it costs?

There various kinds of handheld recorders sold in the market, you can opt for the one, which is more suitable to you. We normally advise the customers to choose one among the following brands Olympus, Uher, Sony, or Voice IT. The price tags differs from $120 to $350.

In what way, you people handle my dictations?

We will assign you a secure login account, through which you can render your narrations, directly into our server. Our remote transcribers capture your dictations; convert it from voice to text. The transcript is delivered, after subjugating it to a three tier quality check. You can know the status of your dictation all throughout the entire process.

How am I to take delivery of my transcriptions or how can I download it?

We offer several formats by which you can retrieve or download your transcriptions. From our secure web servers, you can download it straightaway. Once we have uploaded your completed files, we will provide you all the relevant information essential for download. You are provided with a variety of choices by which you can e-sign, mail, print or fax it to whomever you wish.       

Can I have online access to my dictated and transcribed files at any time?

You can have access to your dictated file up to a period of one week, commencing from the date from which it is uploaded. As far as the transcribed file is concerned, you can have to access to it for one year duration. Subsequent to this, all your files are archived in our secondary media. You can have a copy of your files, provided you furnish the necessary particulars such as project detail, etc.       

Do you provide HIPAA compliant medical transcription service?

Our organization stringently abides to the HIPAA regulations.

What are the tools, devices we ought to have?

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