Geriatrics Transcription Service

iSource transcription, the trend setter in the medical transcription service industry, allies with the geriatrician, hospitals and clinics to provide services for transcribing of geriatric care reports. We offer client focused, geriatric documentation service, right from capturing of dictations to distribution of documents, together with a profound emphasis on accuracy and quality. Bearing in mind, about the stringent time constraints, we assure cost efficient geriatric transcription service, with a quick TAT of 12 hours.

Our flexible, dictation methods

On account of our accurate and expeditious service, many new customers are making a beeline to iSource transcription. Most of these new customers are referred by our old clients.

We provide different user friendly dictation methods.

Dictations using our toll free number

Using our toll free number, 1- 888-571-9069, the geriatrician can make their dictations by means of an analog or any phone of their choice. We also support latest smart phone in dictations like Blackberry, Apple iphones. The narrations are stored in our secure web based server, our transcriber log in, access the dictations, document and uploaded back into the server for the physicians’ review.

Digital dictation procedure

The geriatrician can dictate their narrations via a portable, handheld voice recorder like Olympus, Sony, and Philips etc. Their dictations are downloaded to a local pc connected with internet; the narrations are than transferred over the secure network to our protected server. Our transcribers then download the voice files, capture the dictations, and convert them from voice into text. All our web connections are protected with passwords.

Our online Transcription application can interface with any EMRs

Many geriatrics clinics are using different emrs, our online transcription module, RAMS (Report Archival and Management System) seamless integrates with all these emrs. Our technical brains interact with a clinic’s technical team and establish a VPN Connectivity. Our remote transcribers, log into the emr, access the files, document, and place it back in the emr, for the geriatrician’s review.

A real money saver

Some of our customers prior to our business affiliation had their own in-house transcription service. They later regretted that having that kind of service was like maintaining a “financial” elephant in their capital kitty. They were loaded with miscellaneous overheads like transcriber cost, hardware, software cost, etc. To transcribe a single line, they had to shed a pricey sum of 35¢ to 38¢. In contrast, subsequent to soliciting our services; they were charged only a reasonable 10 cents to document the same single line of 65 characters. Our reasonable rates, minimized their overheads, and improved their Return on Investment (ROI), to a great extent.

Rapid Turnaround time (TAT)

A most vital aspect a geriatric physician, expect from a medical transcription company is quick turnaround time. We are well aware that delayed TAT, is delayed patient care. Our transcribers earnestly swear to deliver the files within a TAT of 12 hours. Our transcribing team is also capable of delivering the files, as per the client wish, in varied STAT options of 2/4/6/8hrs.

Strict compliance to the HIPAA

The files are transferred through our secure web based systems, as SSL encrypted HL7 messages. We stringently abide with the HIPAA regulations. All our transcribers have duly signed the HIPAA agreement. Our prime concern is patients’ security and confidentiality. 

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