Someone to fall back on

Who can you trust on a snowy night when everything seems to go downhill? Mom and iSource! Just a few months back we received a call from an internal medicine clinic based in Kentucky. The practice manager was in a fix as his in house transcription team was working at snail's pace, and delayed reports were taking its toll.

It was becoming difficult to coordinate with labs and other ancillary services. Insufficient and erratic documentation of medical records, led to confused patients and dwindling finances.

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Turning a corner

He'd just received a call from a transcriber who'd called in sick for the fourth time in a week. A frustrated Bart called us and sent us a long mail that listed out his virtually endless problems. We promised him of the best possible support. As insurers were making repeated requests for additional documentation, and rumors of an RAC audit underway, he was under tremendous pressure. And so were we.

A lot many reasons to be happy:

 We explained to Bart that pasting our reports directly into the emr application account of his practice could save him money and effort, he was more than happy to share access with us. We assigned a separate team to handle his assignment and worked at full tilt to deliver transcripts that were consistently quicker than the turnaround time we had promised.

Bart also sent us recordings that were almost three months old, that his transcription team overlooked or typed out so inaccurately that it took him hours on end to plough through a transcript.

The house in order

We brought the house in order, handled all documentation work and made sure our medical transcription services exceeded every single hope and expectation of our client. It's been five months since we started to work with the clinic but according to Bart it seems like we've been working there forever as we instinctively understand what his transcribing and documenting needs are!




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Spend your most valuable time to read what our customers are saying about our EMR support services.
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