Nephrology transcription services

 iSource transcription is a well known name in the medical transcription service sector, is providing a customer focused, cost effective quality nephrology transcription solutions. Our sophisticated “whole nine yard” services facilitate the nephrology clinics in providing proper patient care, and at the same time keeping the cost of overheads to a minimal level. Our customers had saved an incredible 40% of their total transcription cost.

We provide nephrology transcription services to Emergency care hospitals, group practices, clinics, nephrologists, and much more.    

An assured accuracy rate.

We employ transcribers, who are well versed in the field of nephrology, its jargons and terminologies. Our transcribers transcribe the reports with an assured 99% accuracy rate. Our nephrology transcription service encompasses emergency and operative care reports, physical reports, discharge summaries and digital dictation services. 

User friendly dictation options 

For dictation purpose, we provide a wide range of dictation options for the nephrologists to choose such as toll free number, digital recorder service etc. Likewise through email or FTP, the raw files can also be sent to us.  

The nephrologists using our toll free number, can make their narrations into our dictation system via any phone of their choice, we also accept dictations done though the latest mobile gadgets like Apple iphones, blackberry etc. The physician’s recorded dictations are conveyed to our web based dictation system; our remote transcribers retrieve and document it. The reports are delivered within a 12 hour quick TAT.

The nephrologists can also make use of a digital voice recorder like Olympus to feed their dictations. The narrations are then transmitted to our online dictation interface, RAMS through a secure net connection. Our transcribers capture the dictations; convert the voice into text format. 

The clinicians from a PC-based Digital Dictation System can also make their narrations utilizing our PC- based digital dictation system. The dictations are directly saved into our system.

RAMS - EMR interface

Our online documentation interface, RAMS integrates with all types of types of electronic medical record (EMR) applications. A customized interface connectivity (Virtual private Network) is established between the clinic’s emr application and our sophisticated web based application. Our transcribers log into the emr, document and place it for the nephrologists review.

All our transcribers have duly signed the HIPAA agreement. We give utmost priority to maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of the patient clinical information. 

HIPAA regulations

The file transfer takes place through our secure FTP, 256 AES encryption protocols. The patient’s clinical data are conveyed as HL7 messages and they strictly adhere to the HIPAA norms.  

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