Obstetrics - Gynaecology Medical Transcription Services

 iSource transcription, the front runner in the medical transcription industry has adequate depth and breadth of experience, in the field of OB/GYN transcription service. The transcription giant has offered Obstetrics-Gynaecology services for a number of leading medical centers, clinics, private hospitals and regional hospitals.

Our transcription solutions facilitates in smooth documentation workflow of an OB/Gyn clinic.

Inadequate and not so tech-savvy staffs are some of the valid reasons for a clinic’s in-house documentation workflow to run helter-skelter. We step in to recue these beleaguered clinics, with our sophisticated web based services. We straighten out things; provide expeditious and accurate solution to put the medical centre workflow system back on track.

A wide range of customized dictation procedures for you to opt, at your own convenience

User-friendly call-in dictation system

An OB-Gyn physician with our toll free number 1- 888-571-9069; can simply make their narrations via any phone of their choice. Their voice files are conveyed to our secure web servers, our medical transcription experts capture the dictations and document. We also accept dictation from the latest smart phones- Apple i phones, RIM's blackberry etc. 

Dictation via handheld digital voice recorder.

The clinicians can also make their dictations with a portable/handheld digital voice recorder like Olympus, Sony, Uher etc. The voice files are downloaded to our PCs, and then uploaded over a secure net connection to our online transcription module. Our transcribers capture the dictations and covert them from voice to text.

 The handheld dictation system software sends the dictations stored in it automatically to our server when connected to a PC.

Seamless Integration of RAMS, with a clinic’s digital medical transcription work flow system (emr)

Our unique online transcription module, Report Archival and Management System (RAMS) seamlessly integrates with a medical specialty emr. Our technical brains interact with a clinic’s technical team and establish a customized interface, Virtual Private Network (VPN). This seamless integration enables our remote transcription experts to access into the emr, retrieve the dictations, document and place it for the OB/Gyn physician’s review. The clinician can e-sign, print or fax them to the patient, referral physician or insurance companies   

A reasonably priced transcription rate, of 10 ¢ to document a line of 65 characters

Some of our customer prior to availing service had the acidic experience of having an in house. They were forced to shed out from their wallet a pricey sum of 35 ¢ to 38¢ to transcribe a single line of 65 characters taking into account; they charged them with all types of miscellaneous fees, and totally jeopardizing the clinic’s revenue cycle. In contrast, after soliciting our services, they were charged an affordable cost of only 10 cents, to document the same single line of 65 characters. Indeed, this came as a breather for the clinics’ choked revenue cycle management.

Our round the clock, 24x7 work machine, enables us to return your files within a 12 hour TAT

Turnaround time is the most crucial factor in deciding the care of a patient. Some run of the mill services deliver the files with a TAT ranging from 24 to 36 hours. This delayed TAT leads to serious repercussions – delayed patient care, delayed referrals, delayed submissions etc. The outcome is total pandemonium. We at iSource transcription are very much aware of the aftermath of a delayed TAT. Our medical transcription experts strive to deliver the files within 12 hour TAT. We also provide a STAT options of 2/4/6/8 hrs at different transcription rates.

Unconditional Strict HIPAA Compliance

All our file transfers take place through our secure FTP and 256 AES encrypted protocols, strictly in compliance with the HIPAA regulations. The patient clinical dates are transferred as SSL encrypted HL7 messages. All our PCs and servers are fortified with the latest antivirus and firewalls. 

For Further details, please contact our customer care number, 1- 888-571-9069 

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