Oncology Transcription Services

There are several reasons culpable for inefficient document workflow from an oncology clinic’s in-house transcription house. “Hoi-polloi” of them being, the prevailing clinical staffs not accustomed to the high end technological procedures of documenting the medical records. The pressing needs for documentation, a keen knowledge requisite in the oncology specialty force the oncologists to look for a reliable support to accomplish their transcription needs.

iSource transcription offer “full monty” of oncology transcription services with a user friendly toll free call in system. iSource transcription provide a cost effective expeditious solutions via Virtual private Network. This web based transcription module seamlessly integrates with all kinds of existing oncology emrs.

The IT experts of iSource work in unison with clinic’s technical team and establish the VPN connectivity with clinic’s existing oncology emr. The user friendly online Report Archival and Computing system (RACS) is tailor made to suit the oncologist needs. It facilitates the physician to send their dictation to iSource’s server from any part of the globe. The remote transcribers log into the EMR application, document and puts back into the emr for the oncologist’s review.

Non-negotiable HIPAA adherence

iSource’s RACS seamless integration with the clinic’s emr follows the HL7 standards and stringently adheres to the HIPAA regulations. The interchange of data with the clinc's emr is by means of a secure encrypted platform. This bizarre document management system has other value added features like e signing, printing faxing and mailing options. Lanier Oncology Transcriptions services are also provided by clinics which utilize Lanier Dictation systems.

12 hour TAT, ensuing benefits of a 24x7 around the clock workflow.

Turnaround Time (TAT) is the most vital factor in a specialty to appraise the transcribed reports of a patient in a genuine quick time. This is not feasible, if one avails the service of an in-house transcription, since it stretches to lengthy hours from 24 to 36 hours. This leaves the quality patient care at stake. iSource, a 24x7 workhorse keeps the patient care on top of its agenda, and gives due priority. It delivers the oncology report in a swift 12 hours TAT. Also a STAT report of 2/4/6/8 hrs are offered in different transcription rate quotas.  

We charge, only for what we transcribe

We charge, only for the actual lines that we transcribe. If a clinic avail the services of in- house transcription, the overall expense is nearly35 ¢ to 38 ¢ to document a 65 character line. This is inclusive of the in-house transcriber fee and other overhead expenses. On other hand, iSource charges only 10¢. This enables the clinic to have a considerable diminution in overheads.

7 day free trial prior to business associate agreement.

The oncology clinics can verify iSource’s services by signing up a no commitment 7 day free trial. In the free trial period, our transcribers’ document 40 to 50 dictations. These documents serve as a reference for the oncologists to appraise our excellence and turnaround time. The outcome of the appraisal culminates in clients signing up Business Associate Agreement with iSource transcription.

We support almost all the Oncology EMRs. To cite a few, eClinical works, GE Centricity, Omni Med, and NextGen are some of the emrs we had seamlessly integrated with.

Conectivity with any EMR/EHR application software
Transcription support to many healthcare facilities
24x7 document workflow advantage

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