Pediatrics Transcription Services

iSource transcription provides accurate documentation of the pediatrician’s oral notes into unambiguous computerized records. We offer services for leading pediatric clinics, hospitals, solo practitioners and research centers based in NewYork, Washington, California, Texas and other states. Since care of the children is of prime importance, our transcriber with great acumen, vigilantly document the medical history of infants, young patients, clinic notes, consultation notes. 

Our sensible transcription rates, diminishes your overheads  

The pediatric clinics that solicit our service, perceive an augmentation, in their Return on Investment (ROI). Our transcription rates are less than 50 %, of the US market rates. Our turnaround time for delivering the reports is 12 hours. We also acknowledge rush assignments and deliver it, at varied STAT options of 2/4/6/8 hrs.

Easy to use dictation Procedures, at your expediency  

Pediatrician can make their dictations by simply calling our toll free number, 1- 888-571-9069.

The clinician can also narrate their patient encounters through hand held digital voice recorder like, Sony, Philips, etc, by connecting it into a PC. The dictations stored in the handheld device are automatically sent to our server.

EMR Dictation Transcription Integration, to streamline clinic’s document work flow

To facilitate the smooth documentation work flow of a clinic, we interface our web based application, RAMS (Report Archival and Management System) with a clinic’s digital medical transcription workflow system (emr), and establish the VPN connectivity. Our remote transcribers then access into the emr, retrieve the dictations, document, and place it for the Pediatrician’s review.

A quick look at our other salient aspects

For further details contact our toll free number, 1- 888-571-9069 



Conectivity with any EMR/EHR application software
Transcription support to many healthcare facilities
24x7 document workflow advantage



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