Pulmonology Transcription Services

iSource transcription effectively assist the pulmonologist to effectively convert the dictations into accurate documentation that facilities in providing proper patient care. We provide a cost effective pulmonary transcription service with a quick turn round time.

To solicit our services, the physicians can call our toll free number,1- 888-571-9069, and get a unique code from our customer care, they just have to enter that specific code and give their dictations. The clinicians can also narrate the patient encounters from the latest smart phones. – Blackberry, Apple iPhones, etc.

The dictation an also be done by a means of a handheld portable digital voice recorder connected to a PC. The dictions stored in the recorder are automatically sent to our server. 

We also provide our web based pulmonary transcription service for clinics using specific emr. Our online transcription module, RAMS(Report Archival and Management System) seamless integrate with the clinic emr and establishes the Virtual Private Network (VPN), our remote transcribers then, log into the emr, retrieve the dictions from the voice recording system, document and place it for the pulmonologist’ review.

Our reasonable pricing improves your clinic’s ROI    

Clinics using in-house to transcribe the pulmonary reports are forced to pay an expensive amount of 35¢ to 38¢ to document a single line of 65 characters. They burden these clicncs with all sorts of overheads$14 to $15 as hourly wages, software and hardware cost and other miscellaneous costs. In contrast, we charge only a mere $10 to document the same line. Our reasonable pricing improves the clicnc’s revenue cycle to a great extent.

Our round the clock, sophisticated work machinery enables us, to deliver your files with in a 12 hour TAT

Pulmonary clinics that use an in-house transcription services, were put on tenterhooks to get the transcribed reports. These services deliver the files after a long hour wait of 36 hours. The delayed report lead to delayed patient care and other repercussions – delayed submission and total collapse of the clinic's revenue cycle management. In contrast, when the clinics solicit our service, our proficient transcribers deliver the report with a quick TAT of with 12 hours. Moreover a STAT options of 2/4/6/8 hrs are also offered.

We stick to the HIPPA norms

We stringently adhere to the HIPAA regulations. The file transfers take place through our secure FTP and 256 bit AES encrypted protocols. The datas are sent in the form of SSL encrypted HL7 messages. Maintaining privacy and confidentially of the patient’s clinical data are our utmost concern 

No-commitment 7 day free trial enables you to scrutinize our performance

We provide a 7 day free trial offer. In this free trial period we document 40 to 50 of your pulmonary reports and send it for your assessment.


For further details contact our toll free number, 1- 888-571-9069

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