Rheumatology Transcription Services

iSource transcription, the US based renowned medical transcription company provides top notch Rheumatology Transcription services to a number of Rheumatologists, Rheumatology clinics, hospitals, solo practitioners, etc. Because of their busy schedule, the Rheumatologists are finding it difficult to transcribe the Rheumatology reports. Moreover it consumes a great deal of their precious time, thereby preventing them from giving better patient care. To get relieved from this setback, the physicians can solicit our transcription services. As one of our specialized areas, we provide accurate Rheumatology reports within a 12 hour Turnaround time. 

Our uncomplicated, flexible dictions methods.

The Rheumatologist can solicit our services by calling call our toll free number 1- 888-571-9069 and get the unique code, dispensed by our customer care. The physician should enter that peculiar code and render their dictations. The doctors can make their narrations from any phone of their choice. We support the even latest smart phone dictations - Apple’s iphone, Blackberry, etc.

The physicians can also give their patient encounter from a handheld/portable digital voice recorder connected to a PC. The dictations stored in the handheld device are conveyed to our servers automatically.

Our web based Rheumatology transcription services are provided for clinics, hospitals utilizing a specific emr. We integrate our online transcription module with the clinc’s emr and establish the Virtual Private Network connectivity. Our duly authorized medical transcription experts, log in to the emr, access the dictations, from the voice recording system, document and place it for the Rheumatologist’s review.

Our affordable rates, enhances your revenue cycle.

Clinics using an in-house are forced to pay an expensive cost of 35 ¢ to 38¢ to transcribe a single line of 65 characters. They are imposed with all sorts of overheads-$14 to $15, paid as hourly wages, added to that are other sundry expenses such as hardware and software costs. All these make the clinic’s revenue cycle to get chaotic. Whereas, the clinics that solicit our services are obliged to pay only a diminutive  amount of 10 ¢, to transcribe the same 65 character, single line.

Our state of art facilities enables us to deliver the files in a quick TAT.

One of the most vital aspect, a clinic expects from a medical transcription service is delivery of reports in quick turn around time. It is quite common for clinics delegating the reports to in-house, are made to wait for long hours, sometimes stretching up to 36 hours. This time delay hinders the physicians from giving proper care for the patients. On the other hand our proficient transcribers are skilled in documenting the Rheumatology reports and deliver them within a 12 hours turnaround time. We also provide diverse STAT options for you to choose at 2/4/6/8 hrs

HIPAA compliance is our first and foremost concern.

We make no issues with the HIPAA. All our medical transcription experts have duly signed the HIPAA agreement. Maintaining the safety and security of the patient’s clinical information is our utmost duty. The clinical datas are passed as HL7 messages through SSL encrypted platforms. All our systems are fully protected with the latest antivirus and firewalls.

Our free trial offer, serves as a Yardstick for you, to assess our performance.

We provide a no- commitment 7 day free trial offer. During this phase, we document 40 t0 50 files and send it for your evaluation on our accuracy and performance.

For more details call our customer care number, 1- 888-571-9069

Our Rheumatology reports transcription types.

Our Rheumatology reports transcription services consists of the transcription for consult notes, surgery reports, x-ray reports, follow-up notes etc.

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