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At iSource specialty and client specific transcription services is not an empty phrase. It is not a, clever marketing tagline, without an ounce of truth, in it. We have over 800 CMT certified medical transcribers working towards perfect transcripts and more efficient clinical documentation. There is a separate, dedicated team for all medical specialties.

We are as much at home, transcribing cardiology terms such as antitachycardia pacing, as we are transcribing otolaryngology terms such as lymphadenopathy! No medical jargon, specialty, tat or requirements, is too difficult for us to handle.

A partial list of the specialties we offer transcribing support for…

Anesthesiology Transcription Services
Cardiovascular Transcription Support
Dermatology and Skin Specialist Transcription
Emergency Medicine and Emergency Room Pysician Transcription Support
Endocrinology and Endocrime System Specialist Transcription
Geriatrics Medical Transcription
Intectious Disease Specialist Transcript
Nephrology and Urology Transcribing Services
Neurology and CNS Specialist Sevices
OB/Gyn Transcription Solution and 24 hours Transcription Support
24 hrs Oncology Medical Transcription Solution
Transcription Services for Ophthalmology and Eye Spcialist
Orthopedics Transcription
Pathology Dictation Services
24 hrs Pediatrics Medical Transcription Services
Psychiatry Transcription
Pulmonology Transcription
Radiology Medical Transcription
Rheumatology Transcription Services
ENT Transcription Report






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