Are you waiting for your transcripts?

There can be nothing more, dreary on earth than waiting. Physicians need never put up with long, boring waits anymore! iSource offers tat options that are not just swift but completely reliable. For once, you don’t have to call to remind about deadlines. Put your documentation tasks on hold. Or, curse your transcriber, under your breath.

Obsessed with reaching the finishing line…

Being quick is an obsession at iSource. It helps that we have a team of experienced transcribers, who complete transcripts, in double quick time. So turnaround times are not vague promises but an assurance, we provide our clients.

No two requirements are the same!

Every medical practice faces unique challenges. Your deadlines are different, don’t worry, so are our tat options! We offer a turnaround time that is the best suited to your need. We offer four tat options that are designed with one goal, one dream, and one single driving force, being client friendly.

Here is a quick lowdown of our tat options…


Standard TAT: Get your transcripts back in just half a day! Send us your dictation files after every working day and drive back home peacefully. You will find your completed and proofed transcripts, sitting prettily at your desk when you walk in to office the next day. Our standard tat is the most preferred turnaround time of our clients as it fulfills a dream of most medical practitioners. Perfect clinical documentation while they sleep!

Rush TAT:  Need your transcripts real quick? You can bank on your old friend! We offer rush turnaround time to help you handle documentation contingencies. You can receive a perfect transcript in just two hours! You read that right, the 2 hours it usually takes for you to make it to your office in rush hour transcript. Or mollycoddle a reluctant transcriber to transcribe quickly.

Emergency TAT: Stuck in bad weather while your front office staff is waiting for a transcript? Down with flu, and cannot make it to office? Dictate into our toll free number. We will transcribe it inside of two hours and send it to you.

Now it’s just a matter of making the right choice!

We love making it easy for our clients. Now you don’t have to waste time waiting, or even explaining what you want. Make a choice that works for you and leave your transcription worries far behind.

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